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Executive Summary

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The Camelot Technologies Group, Inc. (CTG) www.camelottech.com is a privately held energy and power generation equipment sales and support services company founded in 1996, with its corporate headquarters located in Auburn, Alabama. CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI) is the parent company of The Camelot Technologies Group International, Inc., CTG Capital Partners and CTG Engineering International. CTG's mission is to offer buyers and sellers a proven and fundamentally sound company which can provide the highest level of quality, new, refurbished and decommissioned utility equipment. CTG is the leading power equipment surplus repository, where buyers can easily find major utility components and ancillary equipment at competitive secondary market prices. CTG also offers financial and project management services to its clients. 

On the Seller side, the owners of non-performing or decommissioned surplus power generation assets are afforded maximum global exposure of their equipment and a comprehensive menu of turnkey professional services directed at quick and efficient disposition. CTG provides technical resources and engineering sales assistance for hard-to-find, quality electrical components and power generation systems such as turbines, generators and complete power plants. Buyers are matched with Sellers according to design, application and price. 

Over the last several years, CTG has built an outstanding reputation for integrity, and customer service. CTG has cultivated long-term relationships in the energy community that serve our clients' needs with personal attention and a deep understanding of their strategic and financial goals. 

CTG also offers full engineering, procurement and construction services through our partnership networks as the complete enterprise solution for independent, merchant and distributed power developers. CTG is able to facilitate every phase of the transaction including shipping, financing, leasing, and warranty, insurance, dismantling and component certification, when applicable. 

Our Approach

As a provider of a full menu of equipment marketing, procurement and business development services, The Camelot Technologies Group (CTG) offers buyers a cost and time saving approach consistent with the need to secure quality new, refurbished and decommissioned utility equipment. CTG is the leading single global source where buyers can easily locate major utility components and ancillary equipment at significantly reduced prices. Sellers utilize CTG's services for the exposure their equipment receives and to maximize the best return on their idle assets. This increases the potential to recover their investments.

Our business is founded on the following key principles:

  • Focus on energy related companies with non-performing assets where our strengths and experience can best be employed.
  • Offer a comprehensive portfolio of corporate advisory, valuation, marketing and professional sales services.
  • Listen to our clients to understand their business needs, the near and long-term goals of their senior management and their financial and operational challenges so that we can develop appropriate and creative solutions.
  • Collaborate internally on recommendations for our clients so that we can deliver the collective expertise and knowledge of all of our partners and professionals.
  • Execute our assignments with utmost integrity, quality, thoughtfulness and urgency.
  • Build long-term relationships within our buyer and vendor network through trust, high quality advice and seamless execution of the client requirements. We take a long-term view of every client relationship.
  • Remain flexible and competitive in structuring our fees and align our economic interests with those of our clients. 

CTG Provides:

  • The most easily recognizable and leading internationally recognized forum for eCommerce buy/sell transactions involving heavy utility equipment.
  • Technical support services to purchasers in their search for high quality products at competitive secondary market prices.
  • An opportunity for our equipment owners to achieve quick disposition of their assets in parity with current or anticipated market conditions.
  • Targeted global audience participation through our alliances with industry specific trade organizations, online eCommerce platforms, governmental agencies, financial institutions and utility procurement departments.
  • CTG takes a non-traditional, client-driven approach by managing every aspect of a transaction including all logistics, financing and warranty certification, when applicable.
  • Because of the relationships we have forged with utility equipment owners, CTG is able to maintain and offer a very large and reliable assortment of hard-to-find, quality components, which are reasonably priced and in excellent condition. Exposure and professional management is the key to a successful transaction. 

Scope of Services

CTG's expertise spans a cross-section of industries whose professionals have joined forces to maximize their exposure within the global Internet marketplace. Our approach to acquiring inventory, representing clients and consummating transactions is unique to its field. CTG commands a distinguished presence in the international power generation marketplace through its integrated network of both on and offline partnerships as well as overall industry reputation for customer centric business practices.

Power generation equipment is displayed and marketed through a variety of strategic initiatives including eCommerce, where buyers and sellers actively converge to determine need, price and availability. CTG's menu of product offerings is not grouped together and mass marketed; rather, equipment is segregated and marketed directly to potential buyers within that industry.

This is further accomplished through direct contact with buyers and sellers, traditional marketing methods and utilization of cross branding strategies with online business communities, as well as aggressive direct marketing campaigns via fax, email or normal postal service mechanisms. The end result is unprecedented exposure of equipment to targeted audiences, thereby improving the prospects for selling as well as purchasing.

Management Expertise

CTG is operated and managed by a forward-thinking and client-centered team with extensive marketing, business development and operations management experience. We have a strong record of accomplishment in the sale of power generation assets both domestically and internationally. Our record of achievement speaks for itself. These professionals have joined together and work tirelessly on the behalf of our clients to cultivate qualified, industry-specific prospects in order to sell a host of surplus power generation equipment, new, used and refurbished.

The company's managerial team consists of highly trained technical and business personnel with a diverse expertise in construction, engineering, facility management and utilities. CTG is more than merely an Internet sales, marketing or procurement firm; it is better described as a multi-faceted business-to-business network providing its experience, knowledge, and contacts over a wide spectrum of industries to achieve real results for our clients.

Strategic Initiatives:

As we endeavor to find more creative ways to market a diversity of power generation products, we concluded early on that what we needed was to target a more defined and distinct audience. A different, more innovative approach was warranted. Accordingly, we enlisted the services of various business partners who had a complementary definition of purpose and a record of success, particularly as it related to exposure in the global power community. 

To accomplish our sales objectives, CTG has formed a strategic alliance with several major and influential affiliate eCommerce companies that specifically serve the power generation industry through the electronic medium of the Internet. The power and reach of this methodology cannot be discounted or underestimated. Several electronic platforms have a prominent voice in the energy industry and aggregate a significant pool of potential buyers. CTG leverages information technology and depends heavily on this medium for networking, advertising, lead generation and prospecting. 

CTG's objectives are simple and two-fold: first, to promote a worldwide presence for CTG in the international marketplace, and second, to devise a non-traditional method to capture a large industry specific audience. CTG's services are internationally recognized by a communion of companies and developers searching for the best value in secondary market power generation equipment.

General Marketing Strategies:

We firmly believe that the most expeditious and cost-effective way to effect the sale, and manage the intricacies of any transaction involving surplus power generation equipment, is through a professionally managed marketing and sales assistance program that affords the equipment or select items maximum global exposure. Such a program demands an accelerated deployment of marketing techniques designed to capitalize on the current or anticipated demand for power generation assets of makes, models and sizes. Any marketing/sales tactics employed will highlight and disseminate manufacturing detail, engineering specifications and other profile information on the equipment.

The sale of the equipment and ensuing transactions are clearly complicated endeavors, and application to new project needs must be handled delicately. The profiling and resiting of surplus gas turbines, diesel generator sets or ancillary components into new geographic locations requires skilled technical management. We also subscribe to the theory that with an intensified Web strategy combined coupled with a fundamentally sound land-based marketing strategy focused on the attributes of the equipment, simultaneously capitalizing on CTG's recognition as a world-class supplier to the power industry, we have the ability to maximize the number of potential buyer prospects where unique systems and components would have the most appropriate application. 

Power development firms, municipalities, foreign and state owned utilities, investment groups or domestic and international utility companies which contemplate the purchase of equipment of various magnitudes comprise our buyer profiles. 

CTG looks for customer projects either in the planning, or early stages of construction, and attempts to fit the equipment to the designated project application. An alternative strategy may be the design of projects around the availability and competitive market cost of the equipment. CTG is continually updating its database of such projects around the globe seeking new opportunities to add value to the client's bottom line.

CTG offers its Clients the following Competitive Advantages:

Substantial Capital Access. CTG offers independent capital financing resources through its subsidiary, CTG Capital Partners, LLC. CTG Capital Partners, LLC has partnered with a significant US based investment fund to provide equipment financing for strategic and capital assets, particularly power generation acquisitions. Although our Clients may or may not provide these resources, CTG Capital Partners, LLC and its financial partners can provide funding to credit-worthy purchasers and projects. As a result, CTG is able to actively review and promote transactions of significant size and structure offering a full wrap of creative financing to potential buyers. These services enhance the prospect for selling the equipment and remove certain obstacles that may prevent a successful sale. 

Unique Combination of Private Equity & Industry Expertise. Beyond the capabilities of CTG Capital, CTG has created a unique combination of partnerships with investment banking firms providing private equity and debt financing expertise. Our relationship with these various firms helps to leverage our service and product offerings expertise and also provide the firm with ongoing access to partners with demonstrated expertise in risk management and asset management skills.

Proven Success in Developing Creative Structures and Executing Complex Transactions. The CTG team has the experience, tenacity and management skills required to evaluate, structure and execute complex transactions for heavy power generation equipment. CTG's creative and flexible approach to devising and recommending creative financing provides a competitive advantage when dealing with complex transactions. Moreover, it provides a greater ability to analyze and mitigate risk for our clients. 

CTG also has extensive experience in assembling and leading requisite teams of bankers, lawyers, accountants and other professionals necessary to manage and close equipment transactions.

Value-Added Service Provider. CTG has a strong history of working closely with ownership management in partnership in order to maximize value. Furthermore, notwithstanding CTG's own in-house cadre of management expertise, we are able to provide our Clients additional strategic value through our relationship with a multitude of service providers, with significant operational, transactional and risk management expertise.

For more information about CTG and the services we can offer, please contact us at: 334.539.1700 or email us at: Info@Camelottech.com.

Thank you. 

Michael L. Weaver
Chairman and CEO

3365 Skyway Drive, Suite 100, Auburn, AL 36830 | Tel: (334) 539-1700 | Fax: (334) 539-1710 | Email: Info@Camelottech.com

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