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The Power Industry's Most Reliable Inventory Guide for New, Used and Refurbished Power Generation Equipment.

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The Camelot Technologies Group, Inc. (“CTG”) and the www.Camelottech.com web site was crafted and launched in the spring of 1996 and continues to be the most targeted and effective offline and online ecommerce B2B platform to reach industry specific audiences in the electrical power generation industry. CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI) is parent to The Camelot Technologies Group International, Inc. and CTG Capital Partners, LLC.

The CTG Monthly Surplus Update was launched in 1998 with the objective of providing end-users with a reliable and up-to-date resource highlighting new, used and refurbished power generation surplus equipment items. CTG enjoys a commanding presence within the energy industry as the one truly reliable and authoritative source for buyer and sellers to view and exchange surplus equipment through a very sophisticated eCommerce medium which incorporates the MSU. The MSU is used by merchant developers, utility contractors, engineering firms, electrical generating plant managers, procurement agents, and investment firms and banks as a realistic guide to the fair market values for decommissioned, new and refurbished equipment.

The MSU is mass marketed each month to more than 7,000 targeted end-user subscribers, who look forward to receiving monthly updates and revisions of our virtual surplus inventories. This list of subscribers continues to grow. Industry advertisers and sponsors have a number of promotional opportunities available for sharing marketing, equipment, industry services and company profile information within the web site's growing number of visitors. This can occur through banner and badge (logo) advertising, as well as CTG’s Monthly Surplus Update sponsorships and the uploading of equipment offerings provided by owners or sellers. The exposure for your company is direct, decisive and unprecedented.

CTG’s web site, www.Camelottech.com is the most sophisticated and user-friendly web site of its kind offering a host of technical and industry related informational resources while delivering a wide variety of daily energy news items, white papers, a separate section for posting Requests for Proposals (RFP) online discussion forums, reports, tradeshow updates, educational seminars the global electrical power generation industry. CTG endeavors to deliver a wide range of content which is updated throughout every business day, attracting users from the global corporate energy market.

Custom Advertising Solutions

At CTG, we understand that your advertising needs are incredibly diverse. Some advertisers wish to sell a product to a focused audience while some need to generate broad brand awareness. We are committed to eagerly providing a relevant, effective advertising mix that will solve your marketing objectives and eliminate the obstacles. CTG will work with you to develop a carefully designed custom campaign suited to your needs, your budget, and your audience, taking full advantage of all CTG has to offer.

Whether you are an independent contractor, broker, equipment owner or large firm contemplating an integrated campaign with print media, web branding services or solely targeting a specific online audience, our www.Camelottech.com web site is second to none, equally coupled with the CTG Monthly Surplus Update, CTG is proud to be able to offer you “market-leading” opportunities to reach your target audience and objectives. The exposure offered is direct, decisive and unprecedented.

For further information on advertising rates for the CTG web site or the CTG Monthly Surplus Update please contact us at sales@camelottech.com or call CTG’s Corporate Office (USA) at: 1.813.920.8725 and ask to speak to our Advertising Manager.

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