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The "" symbol indicates a Renewable Energy Document.

Bio Energy Agave for Tequila and Bio-fuels an Economic Assessment and Opportunities 

Renewable Energy Finance Fundamentals US Pref (PDF 514 KB)

Renewable Energy Market Conditions and the 1705 Loan Guarantee Program  US Pref (PDF 201 KB)

U.S. Renewable Energy Tax Equity Investment and the Treasury Cash Grant Program US Pref (PDF 186 KB)

The Case for Waste to Energy Cummins (PDF 229 KB)

Role of Distributed Generation in Power Quality NYSERDA (PDF 765 KB)

How to Size a Gas Genset  Cummins (PDF 498 KB)

Using Gases from Steel Production Processes GE (PDF 470 KB)

Wave Energy Potential: U.S. Outer Continental Shelf US Dept of Interior (PDF 450 KB) 

Some Energy Lasts for Generations  GE Energy (PDF 1.1 MB)

Tidal Power Generation Systems  Amer, Masoud, Samir (PDF 273 KB) 

Fuels Flexibility in Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines Foster, Doering, Hilt (PDF 2.6 MB)

Statistical Review of World Energy 2007 BP (PDF 708 KB)

Why Public Policy is Weak Medicine for Industrial Energy Costs Russell (PDF 101 KB)

Evaluating cogeneration for your facility  Packham (PDF 368 KB)

Solar distillation: Economies of scale, innovation and optimization Hummel (PDF 1.8 MB) 

Lessons Learned from Existing Biomass Power Plants  Wiltsee (PDF 1.1 MB) 

Comparative Guide to Inlet Air Cooling Technologies Mee Industries (PDF 31 KB)

Comparing Hydrogen and Electricity for Transmission, 
Storage and Transportation
  Mazza & Roel Hammerschlag (PDF 364 KB)

A brief introduction to the gas turbine and its development Willis (PDF 2 MB)

Unlocking Energy Efficiency - Management and control is the key Schneider Electric (PDF 1 MB)

Ethanol & Energy Herwick (PDF 338 KB)

Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Technology EPRI (PDF 200 KB)

Savings Through Active Energy Efficiency
Schneider Electric (PDF 867 KB)

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