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CTG is operated and managed by a forward-thinking and client-centered team with extensive engineering, marketing, legal, eCommerce, business development and operations management experience. We have a strong record of accomplishment in the presentation,  purchase and sale of power generation assets both domestically and internationally. Our record of achievement speaks for itself. These professionals have joined together and work tirelessly on the behalf of their clients to cultivate qualified, industry-specific prospects in order to market and sell a host of new, used and refurbished surplus power generation equipment.  The company's managerial team consists of highly trained technical and business personnel with a diverse expertise in construction, engineering, facility management, law and utilities. Read and learn more about the quality and expertise of CTG's professional staff below.

Biographies of Key Personnel:

Michael L. Weaver, Chairman and CEO
Mr. Michael L. Weaver is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CTG Energy Services, Inc. (CTG-ESI) and its affiliate companies: CTG Power Systems, Inc.; RTC Power Systems; The Renewable Technologies Corporation (RTC) and CTG Capital Partners, LLC at the new headquarters located in Auburn, Alabama. CTG-ESI is an integrated solutions provider that delivers cost-effective, reliable engineering, procurement and project management services to the electrical power generation sector.

Robert C. Paladino, Senior VP & Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Robert (“Bob”) C. Paladino joined CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (“CTG-PSI”) in the fall of 2011 and serves as CTG-PSI’s Senior Vice-president and Chief Commercial Officer. He is an attorney by training and a successful senior business executive with over thirty-five years of private and public sector legal, financial and management experience in the energy/environmental and technical service sectors, both domestic and international. ...

Robert Siegel, Chief Electrical Engineer
Mr. Robert Siegel

Robert (Bob) G. Siegel serves as CTG Power Systems International, Inc.’s (CTG-PSI) Chief Electrical Engineer specializing in Peaking / Co-Generation / Distributed Energy / Waste-to-Energy Power Plants. Mr. Siegel studied Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology; and the University of Miami. He has a BS degree Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. He has completed numerous hours of postgraduate and continuing education credits. Bob brings 30 years of experience to CTG Power Systems International in feasibility and application studies, customer metering, contracts, design, engineering, project management and construction. 

Dr. Wazir Ishmael, Executive Director, Global Business Development
Dr. Wazir Ishmael serves as Executive Director of Global Business Development for CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI) and its family of global energy services’ companies. As a senior level business development leader, he is responsible for analyzing and developing plans to drive the company’s growth and nurture new businesses in emerging markets. In this capacity, he and the senior vice-president of business development jointly coordinate the company’s global corporate business development function, with responsibility for identifying acquisition targets, equity investment opportunities, negotiating strategic alliances and joint ventures.
Abdullah Hashwani , Senior Vice President, Global Business Development
Mr. Abdullah Hashwani joined CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI) as the Senior Vice President of Global Business Development. Mr. Hashwani manages CTG-PSI’s Canadian Office headquartered in Toronto. Mr. Hashwani is a dynamic, results oriented management professional who meets challenges head-on, creates positive change and motivates teams to achieve aggressive goals for our clients and their renewable and carbon based projects. He is responsible for executing strategy for new market growth with specific emphasis in Canada, South and Southeast Asia and works closely with the CTG-PSI Team to devise and achieve winning strategies in emerging global markets. Mr. Hashwani also reviews operating results against established objectives and ensures that appropriate measures are taken to meet corporate objectives, as well as maintaining an effective system of communication with our global business development team worldwide. He has a proven record of performance, setting strategic direction, executing to plan and fine-tuning operations with optimal results.

3365 Skyway Drive, Suite 300, Auburn, AL 36830 | Tel: (334) 539-1700 | Fax: (334) 539-1710 | Email: Info@Camelottech.com

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