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What is The Camelot Technologies Group, Inc. (CTG)?

The Camelot Technologies Group, Inc. (CTG) http://www.camelottech.com is a privately held energy and power generation equipment sales and procurement services company founded in 1996, with its corporate headquarters located in Tampa, Florida.  CTG is the parent company of CTG Capital Partners, LLC, CTG Power Systems, LLC, The Energy Job Link, LLC, The Camelot Technologies Group International, Inc. and Utilitrade, LLC. CTG's mission is to offer buyers and sellers a proven and fundamentally sound company which can provide the highest level of quality, new, refurbished and decommissioned utility equipment. CTG is the leading B2B eCommerce global repository for heavy power equipment surplus,where buyers can easily find major utility components and ancillary equipment at competitive secondary market prices. CTG also offers financial, career planning and project management services to its clients.

On the seller side, the owners of non-performing or decommissioned surplus power generation assets are afforded maximum global exposure of their equipment and a comprehensive menu of turnkey professional services directed at quick and efficient disposition. CTG provides technical resources and engineering sales assistance for hard-to-find, quality electrical components and power generation systems such as turbines, generators and complete power plants. Buyers are matched with sellers according to design, application and price.

Over the last several years, CTG has built an outstanding reputation for integrity and customer service. CTG has cultivated long-term relationships in the energy community that serve our clients’ needs with personal attention and a deep understanding of their strategic and financial goals. CTG also offers full engineering, procurement and construction services through our partnership networks. This has enabled us to become the complete enterprise solution for independent, and merchant, municipal and distributed power developers. CTG is able to facilitate every phase of the transaction including shipping, financing, leasing, and warranty, insurance, dismantling and component certification, when applicable.

What is the CTG Monthly Surplus Update (MSU)?

The CTG Monthly Surplus Update (MSU) is a best of breed newsletter for those users interested in the surplus power generation equipment market. It is updated and sent out monthly as we receive new listings, and it provides you with all the important details on the equipment for sale on CTG’s Web site. Companies from around the world read and rely upon our MSU to provide them with the latest in surplus power generation equipment prices and the most cost effective solution for long lead times and higher priced equipment from manufacturers.


Why should I advertise my equipment on the CTG Web site?

CTG is the leading B2B eCommerce Website operating in the power generation services sector with over 4,000 registered users, more than 8,000 Monthly Surplus Update (MSU) recipients, and nearly 40,000 web page views per month and growing. There is simply no better place to market your equipment online, find the right job opportunity or contracting position or post a Request for Proposal (RFP) than at www.Camelottech.com, and with our improved online web management tools, new searching functionality, easy-to-browse revised equipment categories, and automatic notification system, CTG gives you more control and more exposure for less money than any print media solution available.

What items can I advertise in the global CTG surplus power generation marketplace?

CTG is focused on serving the electrical power generation industry. Therefore, we only accept listings for items that are used in this segment of the energy and power industry. If you have a question about whether your item can be posted on CTG’s corporate site, please send an email to Info@Camelottech.com with a brief description of the item.

What advertising options are available?

1. Classified Ads: These fee based ads provide you with a 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full webpage sized ads with photos to describe and present your equipment for sale. The posting process is performed by CTG and can occur the same day after payment of fees. During the posting process you have the option to elect "Feature" for your ad for an additional fee. Featuring your ad provides it higher placement on the homepage of the Web site with an extra level of exposure on the CTG Monthly Surplus Update (MSU) and the CTG homepage Featured Equipment category. Regardless of whether you feature your classified ad or not, interested buyers can either contact you directly if you so choose, or through an email contact form that hides all of your contact information and is first qualified by CTG’s staff.

2. Logo Advertising: Logo advertising is the simplest and most cost efficient method for driving traffic to your company’s Web site considering CTG’s Web based viewership. Your organization’s corporate logo is featured on our site, and functions as a dynamic link to your corporate Web site. CTG can also measure and report to you the amount of Web site traffic your logo advertisement is generating per month for your Web site. Please contact the CTG offices at +1.813.920.8725 or email us at:Info@Camelottech.com for rates and requirements.

3. Marketing Facilitation Service: CTG’s experienced staff includes some of the most respected and technically adept equipment facilitators in the business with an extensive network of contacts and strategic partners assisting CTG in sourcing the right buyer or an appropriate power project. Instead of paying up-front advertising fees, a success fee is paid to CTG when you sell your equipment. Fees are driven by the asking price of the equipment and various levels of marketing exposure you or your company desire. If you would like to discuss our various levels of marketing services or fee schedule, please call us at +1.813.920.8725 or email: Sales@Camelottech.com.

How much does it cost to place an ad in the CTG marketplaces?

A Standard Classified Ad on www.Camelottech.com is only $79.00 per month and a Featured Classified Ad is $99.00 per month.  Advertising in the CTG Monthly Surplus Update (MSU) is $225 for 3 months. A Featured Ad provides your equipment offering with additional exposure on the CTG homepage, your ad is spot-lighted in the MSU, with the advertisement highlighted at the top of all search results and category pages. CTG can also provide companies with banner and logo advertising on both the CTG and The Energy Job Link Websites. These prices are provided under separate quotation. CTG’s facilitation services are success fee based, so the price you would pay for having us market your equipment varies based on the sale price of the item. CTG will be happy to provide any seller a success fee schedule upon request.

How do I place a brokerage or featured ad?

If you would like to place a brokerage or classified ad, please send us an email describing your equipment with a photo (.jpg or .gif format). It is also helpful, if you have any diagrams or equipment specifications, to attach them to your email. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to discuss our brokerage services and describe the strategy we feel offers the best success rate. Please send all email requests to Info@Camelottech.com or call us +1.813.920.8725.

How do I place an "Equipment Wanted" ad?

“Equipment Wanted” ads are offered as a free courtesy and considered outside the fee schedule. You simply visit the CTG Discussion Boards section and select the option for "Equipment Wanted" listing.

How long does it take for my ad to appear on the CTG Web site?

For classified ads, we will review and activate your ad generally within one business day of submission and execution of our fee agreement. For facilitation services, we will activate your ad with two to three business days from when we receive the materials and information necessary to create the ad and after execution of the Facilitation Success Fee Agreement.


How do I find the equipment that I want?

You can look for equipment two different ways:

1. Browse Equipment by Category: Simply click on the category of equipment that interests you from the home page of the Inventory Listing or place your mouse cursor over the inventory drop-down menu categories.

2. Search for Equipment: Type in the equipment that you need in the search box at the top of the home page, and our system will check every listing for a match.

How do I contact the seller of a piece of equipment?

On all classified ads, you can click on the "Request More Information" link and fill out the online reply form. If the seller has chosen to share their contact information, a name and phone number will be provided on the ad as well.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please call us at:(USA) +1.813.920.8725. Or, send us an email at: Info@Camelottech.com. We will be happy to help you with whatever questions you may have or services which you may require. We are always interested in the opinions of our visitors, so please feel free to let us know if you think there are ways to improve our Web site and the overall user experience.

Thank you.

3365 Skyway Drive, Suite 100, Auburn, AL 36830 | Tel: (334) 539-1700 | Fax: (334) 539-1710 | Email: Info@Camelottech.com

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